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Code for Tucson Website

Project team

  • Rebecca Blakiston, project lead, researcher, writer
  • Chris Calmatlas, developer
  • Leonardo Echeverria, researcher, designer
  • Caroline Mosley, writer, researcher
  • Mario Vasquez, developer, designer


We are rebuilding the Code for Tucson website (here it is!) and there is ongoing work to evaluate and improve it.

What we have so far

Some great prototypes

Early design of this website with a desktop and mobile view side by side

A content plan

A green cactus with slightly wavy edges. A gray < on it's left and a > on it's right.

A green cactus with straight edges. A gray < on it's left and a > on it's right.

How you can help

We need people to help us with user research, usability testing, design, content, web development, and accessibility. For example:

  • Developers
  • User experience researchers
  • Accessibility experts
  • Content writers

To get involved, join the #website channel on Slack, check out the official Github repo, or come to our next Virtual Project Night.